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Easy, Quick, Reliable

We present to you the future of self testing.

You now have the opportunity to aquire a Multi Function Monitoring System, designed for in vitro diagnostic use only, that will give you, according to your needs, measurements easyly, quickly and reliably simply by adjusting it and using its special test strips.

Medeq in cooperation with Kernel bring to you this polymorphic monitoring system to measure glucose, cholosterol and uric acid values in fresh capillary whole blood from finger stick quantitavely that will make your life easier.

Simply apply a drop of blood to the test strip and the test result will be displayed on the screen after 6 seconds for glucose and uric acid and 15 seconds for choloesterol.

Available at Pharmacies.

Do not change your medical plan without doctor's approval.

Multi Function Monitoring System Multicheck

With this electronic Multi Function Monitoring System you can easily get measuremets of the 3 basic blood values.

Check, in 6 seconds glucose levels, in 150 seconds cholesterol levels and in 6 seconds uric acid levels in your blood.

The practical pouch contains all necessary components packaged, combining practicality and hygiene.

You can now continue being active and not spend time for your necessary measuments.

It's nice when everything becomes more easily!

The special strips are recognized imediatelly by the Multi Function Monitoring System.

Suitable for monitoring glucose, cholesterol and uric acid levels in your blood. Use ONLY with the Multi Function Monitoring System Multicheck.

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